December 13, 2010

From Seletar to Punggol via Pulau Punggol Barat and Timor

The Route

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There are 2 islands off the northern coast of Seletar Airport. Google Maps indicate a new road linking Seletar across these islands to Punggol. This route was planned to explore the area.

View from Seletar West Link across to Yishun
We started from the prata shop in Jalan Kayu after a meal of Indian dishes and prata. Walked along Jalan Kayu to West Camp Road and followed it all the way to the airport. Near the Seletar Club Road we moved on to the Seletar West Link which runs parrallel to W Camp Rd but separated by a canal.

Seletar Airport

Walked along Seletar West Link, crossed the bridge leading to P Punggol Barat and continued on to Seletar North Link.

Seletar West Link ends at the bridge connecting Pulau Punggol Barat to the mainland and becomes Seletar North Link beyond the bridge. There is earthworks being done on the island. All day long hundreds of trucks carrying sand and concrete move continuously on the road. As the road here is exposed, there is a risk of either sun/dust or thunder/llightning. If there had been lightning we would have walked across the dam linking to Yishun and walked towards Yishun. On that day, we were lucky as there was light rain that kept the dust down and the air clean and no lighting.
Truck transporting sand
A dam joins P Punggol Barat to P Punggol Timor. Another dam joins P Punggol Timor to Punggol. These dams hold back the Punggol River to form another reservoir.

Standing on the dam joining the two islands
Pulau Punggol Timor is used for stockpiling sand and granite. These can be seen piled as high as 4 to 5 metres.

Sand stockpile

There are also a few concrete mixing plants on Punggol Timor which explained the concrete trucks movement.

Punggol Marina

Traffic is prevented to move to Punggol mainland by a barrier near the dam. Trucks moving sand and concrete have to use Seletar West Link and Seletar North Link.

After crossing the dam joining the island back to the mainland, we can see Punggol Marina on the left.

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