October 9, 2013

Changi Point Coastal Walk to East Coast Park

Changi Point Coastal Walk
Changi Village
Our plan for this outing was to meet up at Changi Village, as some would go by bus while others would cycle there. Those who go by bus would walk the Changi Boardwalk and explore the area around Hendon Road and Halton Road. We would return to Changi Village to meet the rest of the group and have lunch at the Airfield Coffee-shop. After that we would rent bicycles, cycle to East Coast Park to return the bicycles. PCN Pitstop provides this service with their network of kiosks throughout the Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network.

Changi Point Coastal Walk

Changi Point Coastal Walk
The main party after arriving at the bus terminal proceeded with the Changi Point Coastal Walk. This is a 2.2km trail with a mixture of terrains such as beach, cliff, kelong and along the frontage of a sailing club. It starts at the Changi Point Ferry Terminal and ends at just beyond the Changi Swimming Club. When we reached the Changi Sailing Club, 3 cyclists caught up with us. They had cycled from McDonald's at the East Coast Park to join up with us.

Changi Sailing Club
After the usual greetings we continued on with walking the boardwalk until the end just after the Changi Swimming Club. The cyclists had to at times carry their bikes up and down the steps. The hikers exited at the Changi Swimming Cub to get to explore Halton Road and Hendon Road.

The former colonial buildings at Hendon Road were being renovated to house F&B outlets. The former Changi Hospital and the Orange Valley Nursing House are located at Halton Road. It is a quiet area most conducive for the inhabitants.

Kelong Walk
Meanwhile the cyclists proceeded to Changi Village by a different way.

Eventually we all met at the Airfield Coffee-shop. We had an enjoyable meal for all 11 of us. After lunch we went to the PCN Pitstop kiosk at Changi beach to rent bikes to cycle to Marine Parade.

Coastal Park Connector
The ride was uneventful. We cycled through Changi Beach Park, then along the Coastal Park Connector that runs parallel to the Changi Coast Road and the runway. We made several stops to rest. The stretch alongside the runway is 6km in length and we could feel the effect of the south-westerly wind blowing against us making our ride a bit more strenuous.

Former Changi Hospital
Soon we cycled past the National Service Resort & Country Club and arrived at the East Coast Park. It was another 5km to the PCN Pitstop kiosk to return the bike. Then we crossed the East Coast Parkway by the overhead bridge to get to the nearest coffee-shop at Block 59 for refreshments.


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