December 21, 2012

Kallang Basin and Marina Reservoir Walk

For this walk we circumnavigated both the Kallang Basin and the Marina Reservoir. We would then have crossed 3 rivers and walked through 4 parks viz. Geylang River, Kallang River, Rochor River, Gardens by the Bay (Bay East, Bay South and Bay Central) and the Kallang Riverside Park. Bay Central is still under construction.

Kayaking at Kallang Basin
We started at Nicholl Highway at the bus stop and used the overhead bridge to cross over to the northern side of Nicholl Highway that would allow us access to the Kallang Riverside Park. This overhead bridge used to serve the hordes of soccer fans eagerly heading for the old National Stadium. The stadium is now being rebuilt to serve a modern day population. It will be a fully integrated sports and lifestyle complex.

1960s Knicks Knacks at Singapore Food Trail, Singapore Flyer
Kallang Riverside Park
We walked along the coastline in the park toward the Kallang MRT Station to meet up with 2 other members. The walkway here is lined with coconut trees. To get to the park where the gasworks used to be situated we crossed Sir Arthur's Bridge along Geylang Road. At the Kallang Riverside Park is the site of former Kallang Gasworks that produced town gas until 1998. They have rebuilt the external skeleton of Gasholder No. 3 as a memorial of its past.
Helix Bridge

As it was about lunch time, we went to the nearby North Bridge Road hawker centre. After that we went to another hawker centre at Beach Road not to eat but to go upstairs to check out the shops that served generations of National Service boys to replenish their army supplies. One of our members came here to buy a Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife.

Back at the Riverside Park we walked under Nicoll Highway. The Kallang Sea Sports Club is situated here with their students out on the water taking lessons on their kayak. The Kallang Riveside Park then merged into Gardens Bay Central.

The footpath continued under the Benjamin Sheares Bridge where it runs parallel to the F1 Track. We walked past the F1 Pit Building. This is adjacent to the Singapore Flyer. There is now a hawker food centre and this was where we had a break. This is called the Singapore Food Trail with a theme of hawker food in the '60s. Many items from this era are on display here next to the food stalls.

Gardens by the Bay South
After the break we crossed the Helix Bridge. It won the World’s Best Transport Building award at the prestigious World Architecture Festival Awards (WAF Awards) 2010. At the end of the bridge we turned left and descended the steps that would lead us under Bayfront Ave and the Benjamin Sheares Bridge to Gardens by the Bay South.

Rooftop at Marina Barrage
We proceeded along the coastline by the edge of the Gardens all the way to the Marina Barrage where we turned right to walk up the green grass slope to the roof top. People used to play the Frisbee, fly kites or have a picnic on the green rooftop here with the Gardens, Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer for a backdrop - a truly relaxing and picturesque scene.

Marina Bay Sands and Bay South Garden from Marina East
Gardens by the Bay East
At the Marina Barrage, we could see that construction was going on for the western part of the undersea portion of the Marina Coastal Expressway that would link Marina South to Marina East. The eastern part was already completed. After crossing the dam, we arrived at the Bay East Garden. The park runs roughly northwest to southeast for about 1.5km. The trees are still fairly young with a lily pond near the Visitors' Centre. There are palm trees, flowering plants, and spacious lawns. This is a tranquil place to enjoy the skyline formed by Bay South Garden, Marina Bay Sands Casino and the ever prominent Singapore Flyer across the reservoir - if only there were more shade in the afternoon - more rain shelters would help too.

Palm Trees in Bay East Garden
Past the Bay East Garden, we continued on the Tanjong Rhu Promenade Park Connector along the Geylang River. We passed the attractive Tanjong Rhu Suspension Footbridge, the Kallang Theatre and the Kallang Leisure Mall which were on the opposite side of the river. Our journey ended at the Jalan Batu Market and Hawker Centre.

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December 4, 2012

Buangkok to Tampines via Tampines Road

This route took us from Buangkok MRT Station, along the northern part of Punggol Park to Buangkok East Drive to Tampines Road to Tampines MRT Station via the Tampines Bike Trail.

Approaching the top of the hill at the Tampines Bike Park

Buangkok East Drive
After an early lunch at the Kopitiam food court, we walked south along Sengkang Central toward the canal then turned east in the direction of Punggol Park. We followed the trails in the northern part of the park, then moved along the Buangkok Park Connector toward Buangkok Drive East. To do so we had to access Upper Serangoon Road first then walk along Buangkok East Drive. If we stayed on the park connector we would end up walking along the Serangoon Park Connector leading to Tampines Road.

Map Board of the Tampines Bike Trail

Tampines Road
We made a mistake when we stayed on the right side of Buangkok East Drive as it would have led us to the Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway heading toward the city. We discovered this early and backtracked to cross Buangkok East Drive at a safe position. Walking along Buangkok East Drive on the left pedestrian walkway would lead us eventually to Tampines Road. As we walked toward Tampines Road, we could see and hear the F-15s and C-130s taking off from the Paya Lebar Air Base.

Lake formed by rain water

At Tampines Road we skirted around the northern periphery of the Paya Lebar Air Base. We kept on walking and soon passed the two huge water towers on the left side of the road. And soon we arrived at the place with 11 Chinese temples. This was where we had a break at the Goodlife Restaurant that also served bak ku teh. I then discovered that all the pictures taken so far were no good caused by oil mist accumulated on the lens during a cooking demonstration. After a temporary clean job I managed to capture our moments for the remainder of the walk.
Shelter at the Tampines Bike Park

Tampines Bike Trail
After the break we moved on to Tampines Ave 10 where Ikea, Giant and Courts were located. We crossed over to Tampines Link that would lead us to the Tampines Expressway. We were looking for the Utilities Building beside the expressway and to locate an access to the Tampines Bike Trail. This we did and we happily explored the bike park.

We reached the highest point of the park and were rewarded with a splendid view of the surrounding area. This park is used by mountain bikers to practise and hone their riding skills. It is generally exposed so there is danger during thunder storms so we had to watch out for the weather whenever we visit this area. When the weather is hot, it can be quite exhausting as well.

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November 1, 2012

Dover Road to HortPark - Black and White Houses

Black and White Houses
This walk was meant to visit the black and white houses in Dover Road, Rochester Park, Portsdown Road and Alexandra Heights. We failed to visit Alexandra Heights due to time constraints and ended our walk at HortPark. Dover Road was where Warren Club used to have a 9-hole golf course but now shifted to Choa Chu Kang Way. The site is now taken over by NUS. Black and white houses were built by the British forces during the colonial days to house their staff. They were situated near their bases such as Kent Ridge (now occupied by NUS), Seletar and Changi airfields, etc. They are now managed by SLA and leased out to the public mainly expatriates who prefer to live in huge bungalows with lots of greenery. They are also in hilly areas and are spacious and generally away from crowded places.

Sandwich Road
Dover Road
From Clementi MRT Station we walked along Clementi Ave 3 towards Clementi Road to Dover Road. During our previous visits the NUS extension was in various stages of construction. At Dover Road we explored Folkestone Road, Maidstone Road and Sandwich Road. These were named after places in England.

Rochester Road
After Dover Road, we turned into Dover Rise where we accessed Rochester Park. All the black and white bungalows here were turned into F&B outlets similar to Dempsey Road in the Tanglin area.

Woking Road
Woking Road
Then we turned south along North Buona Vista Road to Portsdown Road. Along Portsdown Road we walked and turned left into Woking to see the colonial houses in Wessex Estate. All these were rented out. The backdrop to Woking Road is the 'green corridor' the land formerly occupied by the KTM railway track. At Whitchurch Road we dropped in at Colbar for a drink and rest. This was the 'colonial bar' frequented by the nearby British residents after work. It was orginally at Jalan Hang Jebat but had to be relocated to make way for an expressway. The former building was taken down and rebuilt in the present location. So us nostalgic guys visited this place rather than a similar place nearer to Portsdown Road junction with a more accessible location.

Open field at Woking Road
After our rest we passed the Temasek Club a club for SAF Officers and then proceeded along Portsdown Road and Portsdown Ave to cross the Ayer Rajah Expressway to Normanton Park. This condominium was originally built for SAF officers. Next to this condominium is the Science Park where where we walked through to access the Kent Ridge Park near the junction of Science Park Drive and Technology Crescent.

Overlooking Canterbury Road
Kent Ridge Park
We climbed up to Kent Ridge Park and walked along Forest Walk to the switch back road leading to HortPark. We took a break here before dispersing for home


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October 9, 2012

Exploring Bukit Timah Hill

It had been 2 years since we last walked up Bukit Timah Hill. Reaching the summit by the red route would take only half an hour so to make it more challenging we decided to include the yellow and green route and Jungle Fall Path, Seraya Loop and the Dairy Farm Loop.

Bukit Timah Visitor Centre

After a hearty lunch at the Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, we walked towards Hindhede Road via Jalan Anak Bukit and the overhead bridge connecting Beauty World Centre. Incidentally there is a food court on the same level as the overhead bridge. This mall and the adjoining Bukit Timah Shopping Centre have many offices that provide maid services. As we passed along Hindhede Road we saw this MG TD roadster in racing green as well as many signs admonishing about fraternising with our friends the macaques.

MG TD Roadster
Signs warning against being friendly with the macaques

We walked by the Visitor Centre and were immediately faced with a steep 30 degree slope. On we huffed and puffed. There were a good sprinkling of residents on their daily hill exercise and tourists. The tourists had their guide books with them and they were reading every signs and identifying the trees. We were concentrating on catching our breath. After about 15 minutes, the slope became more gentle and we were back to kidding each other while continuing with our climb.

Singapore Quarry from Seraya Hut
Near the junction with the Jungle Fall Path, we realized that the stronger walkers had walked past it and when we phoned them they had already reached the summit. We asked them to retrace and join us at the Jungle Fall Path so as to proceed with the yellow trail. Initially this trail turned uphill but later on it descended and we crossed a drain. This corner is secluded and we have seen an individual would station himself here for his qigong exercise.

Seraya Loop

Just behind the Seraya Hut is a path that overlooks the Singapore Quarry. We had been to the quarry many times at the viewing platform at the water level without knowing that across the water at the hilltop was a path that could look down on us.

Bukit Timah Summit

Just past North View Hut is a steep descent along the Dairy Farm Loop and then a final climb towards the Bukit Timah Hill summit. We finally reached it in two and a half hours. After a short break we then took off along the green route which branched off after the Simpang Hut.

Dairy Farm Loop
At the Catchment Hut, we found that the frontrunners had gone past it along the Catchment Loop. Again we called them back as otherwise it would lead us to the Belukar Track resulting in a longer trek. As we were tired we stuck to the shorter green route along the Cave Path named after a cave of course that we saw along the trail. It was lighted and we wondered what was inside. We had seen some 'soldiers' enter it before. Finally we arrived back at the Visitor Centre for a heart-warming rest.

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September 24, 2012

Johor Premium Outlets

Bus Trip to Johor Premium Outlets

This was a departure from our weekly walks in Singapore. We decided to take a break to try out the bus routes to the Johor Premium Outlets. We took the Singapore Johor Express bus from Queen Street. The bus terminal is just behind the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. We could have taken the Causeway Link CW2 also. Both express buses will bring us to the Singapore CIQ without stopping along the way. The fare is S$2.40 and we can use our EZLink to pay at the ticket counter beside the road. In return the ticket seller will issue a ticket for us to board the bus. We need to keep this ticket for boarding a continuing bus after clearing Singapore Immigration.

JB Sentral Bus Terminal
When the bus drop us for clearing Singapore Immigration, bring everything with you because we will not re-board the same bus. After clearing Immigration, follow the signs to the same bus service to board the next bus. The bus that brought you here would have picked up the earlier passengers and left. When boarding the driver may want to see the ticket as proof that you are a bona fide passenger. If you had taken Causeway Link CW2, you can board either CW1 or CW2 as both will take you to Malaysian Immigration.

Entrance to Johor Premium Outlets
Again at Malaysian Immigration the bus dropped us off and we proceeded to clear Immigration. As we were planning to take the bus from the JB Sentral (train station) bus terminal, we would not re-board the bus. After clearing immigration, we followed signs leading to JB Sentral. As you leave the CIQ Building, you can see the bus terminal on the road level on the left. Just before entering the JB Sentral Building there is an escalator on the left. Use this to proceed to the road level and the bus terminal. Walk along the bus bays until you see a sign announcing the Causeway Link JP01 destination Johor Premium Outlets. You can check out the time-table on their website Causeway Link..

Johor Premium Outlets Food Court
We took the 11am bus. The cost was RM4.50 and the journey took about an hour. The bus followed the coastal road west of the city.

Burberry Outlet
The Johor Premium Outlets is located near the junction of E3 and the North-South Highway. It was opened only a few months ago. As it was near lunch time we looked for food at the food court.

From the Second Level
After lunch we walked around the place to see the range of brands and compare prices. There are 80 outlet stores. We were told that prices were 25% lower than the mainline shops. For the list of brands see their website Jurong Premium Outlets. As we wandered along the 2nd floor, we found out too late that there was a Thai restaurant here with prices not much higher than the food court offering. Had we known this we would have patronized it for better service instead of self service.

Second Level Shops
We chose to take the 2pm Causeway Link bus JPO2 that would take us to the Second Link Checkpoint and from there switch to CW3 or CW4 that would take us to Jurong East bus terminal. The cost of the ticket all the way to Jurong East was RM7. The bus also stopped at Gelang Patch to pickup/drop passengers. Again we kept the ticket stub to show the driver of the next bus. One of us had thrown the ticket away but managed to find it after some searching.

Waiting for the next Causeway Link bus
We arrived at the Malaysian Checkpoint at 2.45pm and boarded CW3 at 3pm. We arrived at Jurong East at 3.40pm.

It was an eye opening journey. We had a relaxing bus journey and got a chance to see the country for the cost of RM11 from Johor Bahru to Jurong East.

September 5, 2012

Sentosa Jungle Trails and Beach Walks

Sentosa Boardwalk
How to get there
There are 2 low cost ways to get to the island (besides using the taxi and the cablecar):
  1. Stroll across the boardwalk for an entrance fee of $1 (now free until end 2018) or
  2. Take the Sentosa Express, a light rail that will provide 3 stops on the island for a fee of $3.
All internal transport on the island is free as well as returning to Vivocity. So one could walk across for $1, take all the bus and tram rides then take the monorail back at no extra cost.

Our aim for this walk was to explore the jungle trails on the island and traverse the three beaches. We chose to take an easy walk on the Sentosa Boardwalk from Vivocity to the Sentosa Island. It used to be called Belakang Mati or the Island of Death. The Sentosa Boardwalk has canopy-covered two-way travellators to speed up the walk and provide shelter from the hot afternoon sun and rain. It has tropical landscapes and provide a beautiful view of the bay.

Malaysian Food Street
After arriving at Resorts World Sentosa, we looked for the Malaysian Food Hall to try out the food. Not all stalls were open in the afternoon. The stalls were set up to replicate a typical Malaysian street scene with selected popular food. Some of us settled on the nasi lemak because of the fast moving queue. After that we left the Resorts World Sentosa for the Merlion Park. At the Merlion we took the escalator to the top. We went past the Sentosa Luge & Skyride and followed signs leading to the nature trails. There is a signboard listing all the trails on Sentosa. We planned a route that would cover most of the trails.

Imbiah Loop
Jungle Trails
The trails are short but provide shade from the sun. They generally circle around Mount Imbiah. The coastal trail facing the mainland has totem poles.

Sentosa Coastal Walk
We tracked along the Nyatoh Trail, Nibong Trail, the Imbiah Loop, Nepenthese Trail and finally descended the Tempinis Trail. Along the way we visited the Imbiah Falls, Tempinis Cascade and the Megazip Adventure Park at Mount Imbiah. At the time we visited this, it was closed due to an accident but has since reopened.

After exiting the Tempinis Trail onto Silosa Road, we moved on to the Coastal Trail. Here we could see on the opposite shores on the mainland Labrador Park, Marina at Keppel Bay and the Reflections, a high-end condominium.

Megazip Adventure Park
Beach Walks - Siloso Beach
After finishing with the jungle trails, we accessed the beaches near Rasa Sentosa at Siloso Beach. A road  runs along this beach and the other two i.e. Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach. For those who do not like to walk you can take the beach tram at any of the stops. Along Siloso Beach are a number of attractions such as recreation halls, f&b and retail outlets, etc. This is also where the Flying Trapeze (an adrenalin filled adventure hanging from a cable) end on an island off the beach. There are 3 resorts along this beach.

Palawan Beach and Palawan Island
Palawan Beach
The next beach is the Palawan Beach. This is where we aim for the Koufu Food Court for rest and food at reasonable prices (for Sentosa). Here is Palawan Island connected to the beach by a rope suspension bridge. My favourite past-time here is purposely causing the bridge to sway with calculated foot stomping. The island claims to be the southern most point but when I checked with  Google Maps I found that Sentosa Cove is more southerly. I am confused!

Tanjong Beach
The next beach is Tanjong Beach. As it is the furthest east, it is also secluded and there are less people here. So if you want to be away from the crowd, this is the place. The Sentosa Cove, a high end residential development cum marina is not accessible from the beach unless you are a resident. When it was less developed with empty bungalow plots, we managed to access Tanjong Beach from Sentosa Cove at low tide but those days are over. After traversing this beach and back to Palawan Beach we were tired and took the tram to the Beach Station and the monorail back to Vivocity

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Tanjong Rimau and Fort Siloso at Sentosa Island

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August 20, 2012

Southern Ridges

This is one of the most accessible hiking route on the island. The route traverses several ridges and is intersected by Henderson Road, Alexandra Road, South Buona Vista Road and Clementi Road. These roads are well served by public buses that will take us back to MRT stations at Harbourfront and Labrador and to the city. So the hiker can choose to break his walk and yet have access to public transport.

Cable cars linking Mount Faber to Sentosa

The Southern Ridges consist of Mount Faber, Henderson Ridge and Kent Ridge. The trail will take you 9 km across varied environment. One can start from Vivocity and then cllimb Mount Faber along the Marang Trail then westward to Kent Ridge and on to West Coast Park. Alternatively start at West Coast Park and walk toward Mt Faber.

Skyline from Mount Faber
Mount Faber
Assume you want to start off from the Mount Faber end. At Vivocity (buy your water here in case you did not bring any) look for exit D across the road from where the Marang Trail begins. It will be a steep climb up the slope. Walking shoes are advisable but I have seen a lady in heels - obviously she did not plan in advance. Bring an umbrella for sun and rain.

Henderson Waves
At the top of the ridge one will be rewarded with a mesmerizing view of the skyline. You can see and identify the Pinnacles in the distance and the colourful facade of the HDB flats in the nearby housing estates. On the seaward side you can see Sentosa and the other outlying islands. The trail will follow the Mount Faber Road on the ridge past the Cable Car Station where the Jewel Box restaurant is situated.

Forest Walk
After the Jewel Box you will come to a fork. The Mount Faber Road will continue on the right. On the left is Mount Faber Loop. Both roads will eventually meet. Continue your trek on the right and you will soon come to the Henderson Waves the highest pedestrian bridge that crosses Henderson Road. It is covered with wood providing a warm feeling. Many nearby residents like to come here in the evening when it is not so hot to enjoy the breeze, do their qigong and take in the sight.

Telok Blangah Hill Park
After crossing the bridge, you will come to Telok Blangah Green and past the Alkaff Mansion a place where you can experience fine dining in a park. Move on westward and you will come to an elevated metal structure (Forest Walk) that will take you among the treetops to see the flora and fauna there. Be careful about handling small items as it will drop through the metal grating. For the more adventurous there is a trail below the steel structure called the Earth Trail. Finally you will reach the Alexandra Arch, a bridge across Alexandra Road. This bridge is lit at night with a changing colourful display.

At the other end of the bridge is HortPark a garden displaying a variety of plants and flowers with greenhouses nurturing new varieties of plant life. HortPark is where Nparks shares gardening-related activities to the public. It conducts courses and showcases industry ideas on gardening on its premises.

Kent Ridge Park
After passing HortPark you will come to a winding trail with switchback turns that will lead up to Kent Ridge Park. The highlights here are the Canopy Walk and the 'Reflections at Bukit Chandu' a museum dedicated to the Battle of Kent Ridge where our soldiers made their last stand during the Second World War. Exit Kent Ridge Park on the west at Vigilante Drive where you will turn right and follow South Buona Vista Road until you reach Kent Ridge Road.

Kent Ridge Park
National University of Singapore
Walk along Kent Ridge Road which lies on top of the ridge. This road is seldom used by students of National University of Singapore NUS as most student activities are centred on Lower Kent Ridge Road where the various Schools are located. While in the NUS, patronize the students' canteens for value-for-money food fare. At the end of this road you would have reached the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning CDTL and the Central Library.

View from West Coast Park
West Coast Park
For those still keen on walking you can proceed south along Clementi Road to the West Coast Park. Here one can see the boats of the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, the Container Port and walk along the boardwalk in a mangrove swamp. By this time you would have walked about 10km. Have an enjoyable walk!

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July 24, 2012

Gardens by the Bay South and East

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This route is the reverse of a walk we did earlier. See Gardens by the Bay East Marina Barrage. At that time, the Gardens Bay South was still under construction and we had to brave the Marina Station Road to go under the ECP to Lau Pa Sat. This time around there are three places where you can access the Gardens from the city area for those who walk. These are the Lions Bridge, the path under the ECP near the Helix Bridge and from the Bayfront MRT Station. So for this trip, we walked from Lau Pa Sat to Marina Bay Sands MBS to cross the Lions Bridge to the Gardens. After that we crossed the Barrage to Gardens by the Bay East to Tanjong Rhu. 

This also answers question raised by some cyclists whether they can cycle from East Coast Park to Gardens by the Bay South. Yes this can be done via Fort Road, Tanjong Rhu and the Marina Barrage.

Marina Bay Financial Centre
From Lau Pa Sat (after a satisfying meal), we moved along Marina Boulevard to the Marina Bay Financial Centre. We dropped in on the Marina Bay Link Mall to assess the place for future dining possibilities during visits to the Marina Bay area. This underground mall is linked by a passage to the Promenade so there was no need to cross the road. When we reached the Promenade we proceeded to MBS. There is a linkway all the way from Raffles Place MRT Station to this mall.

The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands
At MBS it was a bit difficult to locate the escalator to access the rooftop but the staff kindly told us to look for the escalator in a lobby next to the Chanel shop. There is also an elevator along Bayfront Drive to bring the visitor to the rooftop. We did find it hidden behind a wall. But finally we reached the 4th floor to cross the bridge over the Bayfront Avenue. This bridge leads through the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and overlooks the longest lobby in Singapore as this lobby connects three hotels.

Supertrees Gardens by the Bay South

Gardens by the Bay South
After crossing the hotel, the bridge extends over the ECP and ends at a circular viewing platform just after the escalator that will bring the visitor to the Gardens. Be careful here, as there is a 2-foot drop without warning. The view from here is indeed spectacular with the two glass-covered Domes and the 18 Supertrees.

Marina Barrage

We took the escalator to the Gardens at the ground level. We passed through the Malay, Chinese and Indian Gardens to the Canopy admiring the Supertrees  and Domes along the way. The Gardens has more than 5km of tracks and deserve more time by the individual to enjoy at this own leisure.

Marina Bay Sands and Garden Domes from Garden by the Bay East

Marina Barrage
We proceeded towards the Marina Barrage from the Canopy. Sighting the sloping eco-friendly grass-covered roof, we walked on it to reach the rooftop. This is a favourite spot for kite flyers. We walked across the Barrage past the boat hoist at the eastern end. This is used to move boats from the sea to the reservoir and back. The underwater highway is under construction with the eastern end completed and covered by the sea. The western part is still being constructed.

Gardens by the Bay East

Gardens by the Bay East
Here there is a road running parallel to the seafront all the way to Tanjong Rhu. With the plant life here, the skyline of the Marina Bay Sands and the two Garden Domes provide a picturesque backdrop to the bay area. We passed a bench where we noticed patches of blood which we surmised was where the wild dogs attacked a woman. After the Gardens, we followed the park connector along the Sungei Geylang to the hawker centre at Block 4A for a refreshing Tiger.

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