February 19, 2012

Chua Chu Kang to Bukit Panjang

This walk would take us from Chua Chu Kang Station north to Pang Sua Canal then along the Pang Sua Park Connector south to Bukit Panjang.

Durian Trees at Choa Chu Kang Park
Choa Chu Kang Park
After an early lunch at Lot One we walked towards Choa Chu Kang Park to check out the durian trees. There were well trampled paths - a sign of people from the nearby housing estates coming to pick up durians. We saw a guy with a bag of durians. He obligingly showed us the fruits of his labour informing us that it was the tail end of the durian season. We saw some husks on the ground, evidence of people eating there before. We strained our necks and saw some remaining fruits on a tree. While counting the hanging fruits, suddenly we heard the sound of one hitting the ground. The ground here were clear of undergrowth with gentle slopes so it was easy to search for fruits. We finally spotted the recently dropped fruit but discovered that we did not bring our durian knife. Luckily one of us had a Swiss army knife and another member put short work to opening the fruit and soon all were enjoying a taste of the fruit, a fine start to the day's walk

After finishing the one fruit, we walked toward the MRT line, passed Limbang Park and moved on to Yew Tee. After Yew Tee, we turned left at Choa Chu Kang North 7. At Choa Chua Kang Way turned northward until we reached the Pang Sua Canal. We reminisced about a stranger at Yew Tee who bought us a beer. We fought off the temptation to look him up.

Kranji Reservoir

Pang Sua Canal
At the canal, we turned westward toward Kranji Reservoir. As we passed a plateau on the left, two of the members decided to check out the land and soon the rest followed. We met a guy carrying two bags of durians, chat him up and got directions to where the durian trees were. Soon two of us headed further west to look for the track. Meanwhile sensing our hunger he offered his durians and even gave us a whole container full for our advance party. That day was indeed a fruitful day. He told us that many people came this way to pick durians especially during the weekend. He also told us that the durian track could bring us all the way to the Warren Golf Club near the Kranji Expressway further south.

Pang Sua Canal leading to Kranji Reservoir

Two of us went into the forest to pick durians. Tthe rest of us decided not to go in because of the muddy track. We went ahead to reach the Kranji Reservoir at the end of the Pang Sua Canal. Across the reservoir we could see the transmitting towers of BBC as well as the bund fronting the Kranji marshlands. On an earlier trip we saw anglers fishing for toman, etc. When we returned to the track where our two buddies entered to search for durians, we were rewarded with a small harvest and were busy opening them with our Swiss army knife.

Pang Sua Park Connector

We returned along the canal crossed Chua Chu Kang Way to the Pang Sua Park Connector. It was lined with flowering plants to attract butterflies. We ended our walk at the Bukit Panjang Plaza.

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