June 6, 2018

Tanjong Rimau and Fort Siloso at Sentosa Island

Fort Siloso

Tanjong Rimau

Fort Siloso sits atop a hill at the north western end of Sentosa. It was built here as it commands a good view of the sea. Guns were positioned here to defend Singapore in the early 1900's. The beach at the base of the hill is Tanjong Rimau. It is only accessible at low tide so our current walk was planned around the early afternoon low tide.

The low tide on the day of the walk was 1:15pm so we had a short lunch at Vivocity and were off to start our walk by 11:30am. As usual we walked across the bridge toward the Merlion via Resorts World. Just before the Merlion we turned right and rode the escalator to the Sky Tower. We followed signs leading us to the nature trail, crossed Imbiah Road to the start of the Imbiah Trail. Within minutes we reached a fork and took the left branch of the trail. This would take us direct to Siloso Beach and Rasa Sentosa Resort.

Tanjong Rimau with the port in the background
The start of the beach at Tanjong Rimau is right next to the hotel. We skirted the perimeter toward the nursery and then walked down to the beach.

Our concern was whether the low tide was low enough for us to round the cape but at 0.7m at low tide it was low enough to expose the sand and rocks so we could walk through. We had to tread our way carefully to avoid twisting our feet or slip on the rocks. Luckily it was a hot day and the seaweeds were dry so the rocks were not slippery. We armed ourselves with sticks we picked up to help in our balance. Our timing was good and we managed to round the cape without getting wet. As we walked we managed to get a glimpse of the shipping traffic from a different perspective. We saw the port cranes of Tanjong Pagar in the background and even a container ship leaving the port. There were many ferries returning from Batam. Labrador Nature Reserve, Keppel Club, The Reflection, Caribbean, Corals and Keppel Marina lie across the water.

The Reflections
We left the beach near the northern trail and walked towards Siloso Lookout for the next part of our walk which was to see Fort Siloso.

Fort Siloso

Siloso Beach
At the Lookout we rode the lift to the 11th floor where we alighted. Here we were presented with panoramic views of both the northern and southern side of Sentosa Island. We could see Siloso Beach on the south and Reflections on the north as well as the cable cars running toward Merlion Station and Imbiah Lookout. We could look through the glass floor but at 11 storey high it was nothing to shout about. 

We proceeded along the Skywalk to Fort Siloso where a vast number of guns were on display. As we studied the exhibits we could get an idea of what it was like before those war years. We climbed down to the last gun facing the west and walked through the tunnels to experience life as a gunner. When we were finished we took the lower trail that would take us back to the Siloso bus stop where we ended our hike. 

Fort Siloso
Our Route

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