March 8, 2015

East Coast Park to Gardens Bay East

Pedestrian Bridge Across Fort Road
Ford Road

While on the bus along the East Coast Parkway I noticed that the barricade to the newly rebuilt bridge across Fort Road had been removed.

The old bridge was meant to separate pedestrian and cycling traffic from the heavy vehicles below. It could only take pedestrian traffic and cyclists had to push their bikes across.

It was torn down last year in order for a stronger one that would allow cyclists to ride through.

Route Across MCE
The bridge leads to a track that connects East Coast Park to the top of the Marina Coastal Expressway MCE. The MCE here goes underground then under the sea to Marina South. So by cycling on top of the MCE we gain access to the Marina Barrage and the southern end of Gardens Bay East without having to go by Tanjong Rhu Road.

Many cyclists have already discovered this as I cycled past them two weeks ago.

Gardens Bay East

There is another track between the Marina Golf Club and the East Coast Parkway being completed. The track has been tarred and lights installed but final landscaping are in progress. When completed it will link East Coast Park directly to Gardens Bay East.


Good news!

This track was opened on April 6th so we can now cycle all the way from East Coast Park to Gardens Bay East without going through Tanjong Rhu Road. See the route below where I cycled around the Marina Bay Golf Course. There is a short stretch just south of the Barrage where I had to push the bike and another on top of the MCE.

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