May 7, 2014


This route will take us from Yishun to the hot spring at Gambas Avenue to Sembawang Park.

Sembawang (or Seletar) Hot Spring
Before the walk we had an early lunch  at Northpoint Shopping Centre. The Kopitiam Food Court at the basement was packded with the May Day crowd. We then walked along Yishun Ave 5 and Sembawang Road to the Gambas Avenue road junction. About 200m from the junction along Gambas Avenue is a track leading to the hot spring. The hot spring lies within a military camp but has been fenced off to allow public access.

Sembawang Hot Spring
There were 2 tap-off points for people to collect the scalding-hot water. There were a few guys towelling themselves with the hot water after a bit of cooling. Some of them believe that the water is beneficial for skin ailments.

The water had at one time been bottled as Vichy water for sale to the public according to the information board.

We backtracked along Gambas Avenue to Yishun Avenue 7. 1Canberra and another condominium were being constructed along this road. Across the junction of Avenue 2 and 7 is the Yishun Neighbourhood Park which we had traversed before.

Simpang Kiri Park Connector
For this walk we were heading toward the Simpang Kiri Park Connector along the Simpang Kiri Canal that would lead to the Johor Strait. This Park Connector is 3km long. The vacant land on the left of the track was being prepared for development. Near the midpoint we heard 3 gunshots fired at some birds. We could not identify the type as they were too far away. The land from which the shots were fired was on a higher elevation so we assumed we were safe.

Sembawang Park
 At the end of the connector where it meets the shore several groups of holiday makers were seen mostly engaged in fishing or having a picnic. One of them had caught a whole pail of "flower crabs" since 11am. He commented that the best time to catch is 2 hours before high tide. At that moment the tide was receding and he was packing up to return home with his catch.

The Bottle Tree Village was no more and the space taken over by Water-Venture a water sports company.

Sembawang Park

We walked along Jalan Mempurong and Andrews Avenue to Sembawang Park along Sembawang Road. The park and the beach front was again crowded with people enjoying their May Day holiday. The park was recently renovated with a newly-constructed children play area and spruced-up facilities. Beaulieu House was open with a range of local dishes and drinks. Usually on prior visits there were hardly any people except a few hardy fishermen and the restaurant was closed in the afternoon then.

Sembawang Park lies adjacent to Sembawang Shipyard where we could see from the jetty at the park ships being repaired or converted.

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