April 18, 2012

Mount Faber to Berlayer Creek and Bukit Chermin Boardwalk

The Labrador Nature & Coastal Walk
The Labrador Nature & Coastal Walk was officially opened on January 2. We decided to visit this area to see what was in store for us. Our plan was to start from Vivocity, walk up the Marang Trail then head west along Mount Faber Park to the Henderson Wave. From this bridge we would traverse the Telok Blangah Hill Park and access the Alexandra Garden Trail via the Forest Walk. This would then lead us to Berlayer Creek and Bukit Chermin Boardwalk. We would then walk past Reflections, Caribbean and Keppel Bay back to Vivocity, a distance of about 8km.

Marang Trail
Marang Trail
This trail is near exit D from the Harbourfront MRT Station. It is a steep climb up the slope of Mount Faber. There are two side trails with lower incline to allow one to catch his breath during the climb.

View from Mount Faber
Mount Faber Park
The main attraction is the cable car station from which one could ride to the World Trade Center and Sentosa Island. There is also the Jewel Box Restaurant and the several viewing areas on top of the ridge. Just after the Jewel Box the road splits into two to skirt around the hill. They will rejoin at Pender Road.

Forest Walk and Earth Trail below
Telok Blangah Hill Park
After crossing the Henderson Waves, the trail continued through this park in a westerly direction. Just before the Alexandra Arch bridge the trail became the Forest Walk, a man-made structure made of steel at treetop level to provide a different perspective. On the day of our walk it was closed and scheduled to be reopened the next day. We had to divert to Depot Road to access the Alexandra Garden Trail. There is an Earth Trail just below the Forest Walk. This trail follows the Forest Walk but at ground level giving a different feel of the surrounding. It is accessible from the steep staircase near the beginning of the Forest Walk and also from Alexandra Road.

Green Crested Lizard seen near the Earth Trail
Alexandra Garden Trail
Various types of flowering plants are grown here to attract butterflies. The fragrant smell of the pandan plant could be detected near the lower end of the trail. Some of the leaves were already cut by some cooking enthusiasts to enhance their dishes. The proper way of cutting is to cut off near the stem and avoid the young leaves near the top. The trail ends at Tanjong Pagar Road. Across the road next to the Labrador MRT Station is the beginning of the Berlayar Creek.

Berlayer Creek Boardwalk
Berlayer Creek
Wildlife is plentiful here, where numerous bird species, fish species and mangrove plants are found. To allow freedom of movement for wildlife, certain stretches of the boardwalk were elevated. Some parts were left without lamp posts to cater to nocturnal animals. Instead hidden LED lights were installed. The pandan plants are more numerous here. Several shelters provide rest and relief from the rain for visitors. Unfortunately during our walk some parts of the creek were covered by rust-coloured algae-like growth floating on the surface.

Bukit Chermin Boardwalk with Reflections in the background
Bukit Chermin Boardwalk
The view from here is exhilarating where one can see the Reflections, Keppel Bay Marina, Sentosa, Labrador Park and Bukit Chermin. After the boardwalk, one can continue walking along the promenade in front of the Reflections and Caribbean. You can also walk across the bridge to Keppel Island to visit the marina and relax in the park. We could see schools of fishes in the deep water around the island. A wide variety of boats could be seen at the marina, ranging from the smaller yachts to the luxurious type. Because of the rain, we had to cut short our walk and end it at Seah Imm hawker centre.

The Caribbean at Keppel

Marina at Keppel Bay

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