May 1, 2019

Serangoon River

Serangoon River

Serangoon River

Most of the time we walked the banks of the Serangoon River, they were along the west bank on the park connector. The few times we walked the east we could not do the whole stretch due to construction of various roads. For this walk we wanted to check whether the whole bank from Tampines Road to Lorong Halus was passable.

The walking group met at Gourmet Delights at Oasis Terraces to begin our walk along the Punggol Waterway to the Lorong Halus Wetland. After crossing the pedestrian bridge we turned right to begin the walk along the east bank. Before we could take more than a few steps a worker came out telling us we could not proceed further because of construction work. We had no choice but to turn back across the bridge to walk the west bank.

Bridge across Pasir Ris Industrial Drive 1
So we moved along the Serangoon Park Connector until the newly completed bridge extension from Punggol Central. We noticed a flight of stairs at the other end of the bridge so we decided to cross this bridge to access the east bank again. After crossing the bridge we went under the bridge to continue our trek along the river bank with the river on our right and the former dumping ground on our left behind a fence. The day was hot and there were minimal shade.

At the Tampines Expressway was a construction site. They were constructing more access roads to the Tampines Expressway. We managed to walk through the construction site but the supervisor advised us not to come by the same way again as he showed us the way to the exit to continue our walk toward Tampines Road. We were happy we did not have to turn back.

Looking back at Tampines Expressway
At Buangkok East Drive a couple came down the slope beside the bridge to enjoy some private time. After this the rest of the walk was uneventful except for the heat.
The river split into two branches and we had to follow the river to the left. We came to a newly completed 8-lane highway that seemed to lead to nowhere and there was no traffic. Had we studied the map we could follow this road direct to Tampines Road. Instead we crossed the highway, followed the canal and climbed over a fence to get to Tampines Road. Here we turned right to our destination at Kovan Mall where we ended our walk.

Road that led to nowhere

So what did we learn during this walk? The trail from Lorong Halus Wetland should be passable as construction at the other end where we crossed over is nearing the end. We noticed that all work were completed and the workers were just tidying up. The bridge is already in use and according to is called Pasir Ris Industrial Drive 1. This is accessible from Pasir Ris Farmway 3 and Lorong Halus.

Except for construction at Tampines Expressway, the whole stretch of the trail along the east bank of Serangoon River should be passable. The whole trail has been hardened with reused construction materials so we do not have to experience muddy puddles anymore. The only issue is the trail is exposed to the hot sun.

Our Route

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