June 4, 2020

Changi Coastal Walk

Changi Beach Park

As we could not continue with our weekly walk because of the pandemic, I will describe a walk that we did a few months ago. Since the realignment of the Changi Coastal Road we have not walked this stretch of road. This was because of construction work and the lack of tree cover from the afternoon sun.

Recently in mid November 2019, we decided to risk the rain and sun to walk the 22km distance from Changi Village to East Coast Lagoon. The route would include the Changi Beach Park, the Coastal Park Connector and East Coast Park.

Changi Beach Park
The group met at Changi Village Food Centre as usual with a quick lunch. We then crossed the Changi Creek Bridge to the beach to begin our walk. The Changi Beach Park was improved since our last trek here. There were no more signs of renovation. This stretch of the walk is pleasant as it is well-shaded and has toilet facilities. There is a memorial of the Shook Ching Massacre that occurred here during the Second World War where thousands  were killed and buried at the beach.

Memorial Plaque

Aviation Park Road
After leaving Changi Beach Park, we passed the Changi Ferry Terminal and walked along Nicoll Drive and Aviation Park Road. This is where the Singapore Airshow 2020 would be staged at the Changi Exhibition Centre. But attendance was lower than previous years because of the pandemic. It is now being used to house foreign workers as a community isolation facility for recovering patients and those with mild symptoms. 

Tanah Merah Coast Road
Then on to Tanah Merah Coast Road. We thought we could access the beach for the views but all along the coast there were signs forbidding access. There was only one spot that allowed some photo shoot as shown on Google Map. It was a long monotonous straight stretch of road that runs parallel to the Changi Airport runways. Besides the park connector, there is a lane on the road reserved for cyclists.

Tanah Coast Road with cycling lane
We were blessed on that day with cloudy skies and no rain but still we could feel the effects of the heat. Eventually we reached the first bus stop on this road near the Naval Base and some members left us because of the heat. Eventually the rest of us reached the Safra golf club and from here on the trails were familiar such as the Sea Sports Centre and the Bedok Pier. Kayaking lessons were being conducted as we walked past them.

Kayaking lessons at the Sea Sports Centre

We finally reached the Lagoon Village Food Centre after 5 hours and the front-runner was ahead by an hour. We started with 10 but only 5 arrived at the food centre. 4 stopped earlier to catch a bus because of the heat and one took a different route near the sailing club.

Bedok Pier in the background

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