October 4, 2017

Hong Kong Dragon's Back and The Peak Trail

Dragon's Back Trail

Dragon's Back
Numerous sources indicated that we have not seen Hong Kong unless we trekked Dragon's Back. So here we were on our way to the eastern part of Hong Kong Island. Dragon's Back is the last stage or stage 10 of the Hong Kong Trail spanning the whole island, a total distance of 50km.

Shek O Peak

We followed directions on how to get there by taking the train to Shek Kei Wan and leaving the station at exit A3. Then followed the signs to catch bus #9. The bus was full with both local and foreign trekkers. We alighted at To Tei Wan. Each bus has a next bus stop indicator so it was easy to know where to get down. In our case most of the hikers got down at the same stop so it was no issue. There was a map-board at the beginning of the trail beside the Tai O Road. There were two portable toilets here but the condition at that moment was indescribable.

Shek O Village

It was uphill all the way until we arrived at Shek O Peak the highest part at 284m.
The view at Shek O Peak was spectacular. The weather was perfect and the combination of blue sea, blue sky, island, background hills and white clouds made the views picture perfect. From there you can see Shek O Village and Big Wave Bay our destination. Hordes of students and groups of locals congregated here resting on the benches, taking pictures with the height marker and drinking in the view.

The first part of the trail was exposed and relentlessly uphill but the subsequent part was shaded by the natural shade provided by the trees. We had to be more cautious on the final descend to Big Wave Bay as the steps were built of natural stone elements. We had a simple lunch when we finally arrived at Big Wave Bay. We then took a minibus back to

Shek Kei Wan.

The Peak

As it was still early in the day we all agreed to trek the Peak. We took the train to Central to catch bus #15 at Exchange Square to the Peak.

Hong Kong Harbour from Peak Trail

We arrived at the Peak Tower just in time to catch the sunset. After taking some pictures we proceeded to Lugard Road to walk the trail around Victoria Peak. At the northern part of the trail we had a spectacular view of Hong Kong harbour as the sky turned dark in the early evening. The skyscrapers were lighted up giving a postcard view of Kowloon. At the western part of the trail Lugard Road merged into Harlech Road that led us back to the Peak Tower where we queued to take the train back to Central. This trail would have given us views of the northern and southern part of Hong Kong Island but by the time we started the trail it was already evening and we caught only the views from the northern part of the trail. If we had another opportunity we should do a day trek of the trail combined with trekking the 1st stage of the Hong Kong Trail.

The Peak Trail

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