April 29, 2011

Punggol Point

This walk was meant to discover to what extent the Punggol Park Connector (PCN) has been completed. We started from Punggol MRT Station, walked past Nibong station and headed for Punggol Marina from where we accessed the PCN.

Punggol Marina
The path from Punggol Marina until Punggol Point (PP) was completed.

Punggol Park Connector

Punggol Point Lookout
From PP eastward there was a stretch until Coney Island dam that was in the final stage of completion before opening to the public.
Punggol Park Connector-Coney Island in the background
Coney Island or Pulau Serangoon is joined to the mainland by a dam that forms the Serangoon Reservoir. It is currently closed to the public by a fence and being developed into a wildlife park. It used to be visited by boaters from Punggol who wanted some seclusion for their picnic and skiing.

Coney Island
Further stretch of park connector being constructed.

Park connector under construction
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