October 14, 2010

Mandai Road and Sungei Seletar

The Route
  • Start from bus stop B22 on Mandai Road.
  • Walk east on Mandai Road until the dam just before the Executive Golf Course.
  • Walk across the dam at the Seletar Reservoir through the park then back to Mandai Road to the junction with Upper Thomson Road. Turn right and walk along Sungei Seletar until Lentor Ave then left to Khatib Station

Mandai Road
Along Mandai Road
On the left was a protected area used by the army for training. We spotted some durian trees here. About 1.5km from the starting point on the left was the beginning of the Ulu Sembawang Park Connector. One could see the view of the Seletar Reservoir from here. On one occasion we came across an angler with his just landed catch. He said he was on leave to spend his time indulging in his pastime. Another 1.5km and Mandai Road starts to veer southward to the right following the reservoir shoreline. We could walk along the dam that held back the Upper Seletar Reservoir to the park.

Seletar Reservoir
Sungei Seletar
Sungei Seletar
This river was recently developed to enhanced its eco-system - less emphasis on bare concrete and more on encouraging plants to grow on its banks. On the northern side is a strip of forest. But beyond that the land was being cleared for future development. A few anglers were found engaging in their hobbies here.

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