May 29, 2015

Gangsa Bike Track

Trail under the BKE
The Gangsa Bike Track

It runs north south next to the Bukit Timah Expressway BKE and stretches from Chestnut Ave to connect with the Central Catchment Park Connector to Mandai Road. It is popular with both bikers and hikers.

At the southern end is Gangsa Hill where mountain bikers practise their jumps and other stunts.

The Route

The route described here will take us along the Gangsa Track northward to the Central Catchment Park Connector to Mandai Road then back along the Bukit Timah Pipeline Trail to Bukit Panjang.

We accessed the trail from Bukit Panjang Road near Block 276 where there is a footpath leading to Zhenghua Park and here we turned right and almost immediately turned left to go under the BKE.

Leading to the Gangsa Track
After the BKE is a vegetable and fruit garden tended by nearby residents. They maintained a rest area under the BKE to relax with their stray dogs and while away their time. This area used to be more widely farmed but some of the gardeners have migrated to the community gardens nearby.

We turned left along the trail and crossed a small drain and proceeded to walk uphill northward. Part of the track was formerly a kampong road but now the jungle had overgrown and provided a canopy to shelter us from the sun. Occasionally a lone cyclist or two passed us by.

Eventually we walked beside the Kranji Expressway KJE junction where there were some exposed stretches. Then we came to a junction with a road leading east to a pumping station.

Gangsa Track

We continued walking straight onto the Central Catchment Park Connector. This was built to allow us to experience nature and keep us away from Track 15 used by the Army to get to the Rifle Range nearby. On some days we could hear the sound of firearms.

There are a few durian trees along this part of the trail and when in season you can see the fruits hanging from the branches.

The Pipeline Trail

When we arrived at Mandai Road we turned left and walked past the Mandai Camp II to the pipeline control valves enclosure next to the camp. We located a path next to the enclosure and got on to the Pipeline Trail. It was uphill for about 400m through open grassland. On the right of us is a forested area inhabited by a man who loved living alone and growing fruits and vegetables. There are a few durian trees here and the nearby residents would come for the fruits when in season.

This trail continued under the BKE on the west side. Here it is undulating and eventually we arrived at the KJE junction. Just after walking under the KJE we reached Zhenghua Park. We followed its trail which was paved and offered occasional shade from the sun. And we came across a man collecting water from a spring just above the drain. He claimed that the water has health benefits.

We finally arrived at Bukit Panjang Road where we ended our walk and replenished our depleted salts with a refreshing 100plus.

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