December 5, 2020

MacRitchie Trail via Windsor Nature Park and Rifle Range Road


Windsor Nature Park

Windsor Nature Park
From Thomson Plaza we walked north along Upper Thomson Road to Venus Drive where we turned into the car-park. We walked to the end of the car-park for the trailhead at Venus Loop.
We walked along this until the first junction where we turned right into the Squirrel Trail. We kept  walking until the entrance to the boardwalk. We climbed the steps to the raised boardwalk. One could also follow the earth trail that runs parallel to the boardwalk as it would eventually meet at the final junction of the boardwalk. At the end of the platform boardwalk we turned left and followed signage for the Ranger Station. Here we continued on the road. 


Raised boardwalk

Trails to the Ranger Station
We skipped the first trail on the left as it would lead us to the MacRitchie Reservoir entrance.
The next three turning would all lead to the Ranger Station. The first is the longest and is part of the Terentang Trail. Eventually this trail would reach a bend with a number of large stones behind which would be the start of an obscure trail to the Shinto Shrine. Recently two teenagers lost their way while looking for it. They were rescued by the police and rangers by boat. They were located using a British app called what3words. Basically every 3m by 3m place on earth is given a combination of 3 words. The app would give 3 words to your current location which rescuers could use to find you. See
The next trail is meant for those returning from the TreeTop Walk to Venus Drive. The intention is to separate the crowds on weekends.
We however preferred the third trail which we call the employees entrance to the Ranger Station. This is the shortest way to the Ranger Station.
The Ranger Station contains offices for the staff, toilets and water cooler - a pleasant stop before people venture for the
TreeTop Walk. The TreeTop Walk is closed until 2Q next year for repairs and improvement.


Ranger Station

Pipeline Trail (Rifle Range Link)
After a short break at the Ranger Station we continued on the Terentang Trail and Sime Track to the pipeline trail that will lead us to Rifle Range Road. To reach the trail we turned right after Petaling Hut and after crossing the bridge over a small stream. The stream contains water from the spillway releasing water from Upper Peirce Reservoir
Along this trail we had to cross another stream. We used to get our shoes wet but recently stones were placed here allowing us to keep our shoes dry. Finally we reached the beginning of the pipeline trail. It runs along the security fence of ST Kinetics. This trail is interesting as it has several undulating slopes to tackle. Efforts are now ongoing to fill up some of the cracks along the trail eroded by rain water.

Rifle Range Road
Just before accessing Rifle Range Road we had a short water break than started the final hike along the road to Jalan Anak Bukit.
Along here we passed the satellite station before walking above the Bukit Timah Expressway.
Just before the Jalan Anak Bukit Flyover we walked past the Rifle Range Nature Park being under construction.
At the end of the road we managed to experience a short part of the improved rail corridor with its brownish hard surface. Finally we emerged onto Jalan Anak Bukit and crossed over to Beauty World where we ended our walk.

Our Route

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