October 9, 2012

Exploring Bukit Timah Hill

It had been 2 years since we last walked up Bukit Timah Hill. Reaching the summit by the red route would take only half an hour so to make it more challenging we decided to include the yellow and green route and Jungle Fall Path, Seraya Loop and the Dairy Farm Loop.

Bukit Timah Visitor Centre

After a hearty lunch at the Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, we walked towards Hindhede Road via Jalan Anak Bukit and the overhead bridge connecting Beauty World Centre. Incidentally there is a food court on the same level as the overhead bridge. This mall and the adjoining Bukit Timah Shopping Centre have many offices that provide maid services. As we passed along Hindhede Road we saw this MG TD roadster in racing green as well as many signs admonishing about fraternising with our friends the macaques.

MG TD Roadster
Signs warning against being friendly with the macaques

We walked by the Visitor Centre and were immediately faced with a steep 30 degree slope. On we huffed and puffed. There were a good sprinkling of residents on their daily hill exercise and tourists. The tourists had their guide books with them and they were reading every signs and identifying the trees. We were concentrating on catching our breath. After about 15 minutes, the slope became more gentle and we were back to kidding each other while continuing with our climb.

Singapore Quarry from Seraya Hut
Near the junction with the Jungle Fall Path, we realized that the stronger walkers had walked past it and when we phoned them they had already reached the summit. We asked them to retrace and join us at the Jungle Fall Path so as to proceed with the yellow trail. Initially this trail turned uphill but later on it descended and we crossed a drain. This corner is secluded and we have seen an individual would station himself here for his qigong exercise.

Seraya Loop

Just behind the Seraya Hut is a path that overlooks the Singapore Quarry. We had been to the quarry many times at the viewing platform at the water level without knowing that across the water at the hilltop was a path that could look down on us.

Bukit Timah Summit

Just past North View Hut is a steep descent along the Dairy Farm Loop and then a final climb towards the Bukit Timah Hill summit. We finally reached it in two and a half hours. After a short break we then took off along the green route which branched off after the Simpang Hut.

Dairy Farm Loop
At the Catchment Hut, we found that the frontrunners had gone past it along the Catchment Loop. Again we called them back as otherwise it would lead us to the Belukar Track resulting in a longer trek. As we were tired we stuck to the shorter green route along the Cave Path named after a cave of course that we saw along the trail. It was lighted and we wondered what was inside. We had seen some 'soldiers' enter it before. Finally we arrived back at the Visitor Centre for a heart-warming rest.

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