July 4, 2011

Railway Track from Bukit Timah Station to Tanjong Pagar Station

As it was the last day for train service from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands we decided to walk the track from Bukit Timah Station to Tanjong Pagar Station.

After an early lunch at Bukit Timah Food Centre next to Pei Wah Ave, we walked along Bukit Timah Road southward towards the Bukit Timah Station. Accessed it by turning right just before the railway truss bridge which spanned across Bukit Timah Road.

Approaching Bukit Timah Station

At the Bukit Timah Station, we were greeted by a group of rail enthusiasts who were waiting to photograph the passing of the 1pm train from Tanjong Pagar Station.

A work trolley coming in from Tanjong Pagar
A work trolley came by to remove the mileage sign from the station. We waited a while to see what was happening but eventually we moved on along the trail beside the railway track.

Finally saw the train just after Holland Road with passengers in a heightened sense of history. One of them almost made the news as he was clinging to the outside of the carriage.

After the train passed we moved onto the track proper as there was no more trail for us to walk on. We walked along the track until Alexandra Road where we got onto the roads because we got tired of treading the granite stones. Walking on the stones and sleepers was uncomfortable but manageable but after a few kilometres we had enough for the day - also we were not sure of the reception at Tanjong Pagar Station as CIQ was still in force and we were technically on Malaysian soil as a quirk of history have their CIQ at Tanjong Pagar Station deep within Singapore. This would be moved to Woodlands after midnight.

The last 1.30pm train from Tanjong Pagar
The same work trolley passed us on its way south and later it returned having completed its chores. 

The 3.30pm from Johor Bahru came from behind as we continued our walk. Along the way we passed the remains of a dog skeleton, a dead monitor lizard and also a snake.

At Alexandra Road, we climbed up the slope on the left bank to surface at the road crossing. From here we continued along Depot Road, Lower Delta Road and Kampong Bahru Road. At Keppel Road, we took a bus and alighted 2 bus stops later at the Tanjong Pagar Station. Here we found crowds of nostalgia seeking people waiting for the next train to leave for Johor Bahru.

At Tanjong Pagar Station

It was a historic walk. Crowds of camera-totting well-wishers were at both stations and small groups along the route where there were easy access such as road crossings or shortcuts made by frequent users. Both bystanders and rail staff and passengers waved as they passed each other, realizing the historic significance of the day. There was an air of excitement and some vendors were merrily selling rail and station souvenirs. Those armed with cameras were busy clicking away at anything and everything. Sometimes they get in each other's way but they happily give way.

Railway Track from Bukit Timah to Tanjong Pagar video.

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